About Us

Tóth family vineyard

After graduating from the University of Horticulture, I moved to Szekszárd 30 years ago. My wife’s family, the Klézli family, have been working with vine for generations. From this time on wine-growing and viniculture became an important part of my life. It became my priority after my retirement in 2005.

The plantations

Through the years we have enlarged our vineyard in the Lisztes valley to an area of 2 acres. The plantations can be found on the plateau and south, south-east side of the hill.



About cultivation

We grow Blaufrankisch, Portugiser, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zweigelt and Merlot. We process the whole quantity in our own cellar. The time of harvest is determinedby the quality of grapes.




We can grant the high sugar content of our wines with late and restricted harvest. After the harvest the wine is put into stainless steel tanks and then into barrels for 2 years. We stick to the traditional winemaking, but we use modern equipment. We do the bottling ourselves as well.

Tóth Lajos István


After making an appointment, our guests, groups can taste our wine. (tel:+36 20 9522242)

Programmes to choose from:

  • a visit to the cellar+wine tasting in the cellar+snacks
  • a visit to the cellar+wine tasting in the dining room+snacks
  • a visit to the cellar+wine tasting in the dining room+dinner

Information, Reservation:

E-mail: info@tothpince-szekszard.hu

Telefon: +36 20 9522242

Tóth Pince Szekszárd